Running a start up whilst working really isn't that simple

Starting a business is not a passport to immediately quit your day job. It takes some time to build and this is hard, juggling a day job and running a business is exhausting. For us so much has happened and you rarely have the time or mental capacity to reflect and even celebrate.

The last few months have been incredible, I was lucky to be the Unicef Project Manager for Soccer Aid, it's a position I took in a heart beat just as the business was dialing up so probably the wise woman would have taken a step back and thought "Humm that's a mountain I probably shouldn't be climbing" But nobody said I was a wise woman....

Growing the business whilst Project Managing Soccer Aid was hard and I've had massive highs and massive lows but last Sunday when we saw 65k people come to Old Trafford to watch a football match whose sole purpose is to raise money for children around the world. That's special. 
On top of that, the nerves kick in when you're watching the income coming in every 15mins because you're wondering if you will beat the previous 2014 totals. At the end of the match we'd raised £5.4million over 700k more than we did previously on the night. Still more to come in. :

Now to just take in the last few months and reflect on it's awesomeness