Doors open at the chocolate festival

It's been a week since we launched at the chocolate festival in London. We took our little idea of swapping refined sugar in chocolate for unrefined coconut sugar and the superfood lucuma to see what over 10,000 people thought about it.

"Doors will open in ten minutes" someone on the loud speaker shouted. "Arrgghh do we have to do this!" I screamed at Andy "What if everyone hates our chocolate and our taste buds are crap". "Shut up Ama!" was the only thing Andy had to say as he gloved up ready to cut up some more samples.

Just before the doors opened a guy walked up to our stall, tasted the Natural Blonde and said "Humm, yum, this tastes like spicy cheese!". I wished the ground would just swallow me up right there and then as it wasn't spicy and it didn't taste like cheese. For the record this was one of our best sellers and we sold out of both 20g and 80g bars.

Anyway the doors open and the first people walked up to our stall - I'm standing there watching people taste our chocolate, I'm pretty sure I didn't blink for 10 minutes straight or maybe even longer. Or if I was in any other setting my behaviour may have been rightly questioned.

After about 15 minutes we hear "Can I buy this one please" . Yeeeah we've made our first sale to a guy called David and it was an 80g, 70% Dominican Republic bar. What a feeling selling something for the first time which takes you up to three days to make. 

Over the course of the three days we were so delighted with the reception our chocolate received. Our main mission is to show that chocolate can taste nice without refined sugar and show that depending on where cacao is grown in the world it has a different flavour. 

We were so excited by the end of the third day by all the people that came to our stall and chatted to us to understand our product, tasted our chocolate, bought some chocolate or just handed over a bit of advice from their experience starting up. You really had our excited about the journey ahead and we hope you stick with us.