What do the numbers mean and why is Colombia No1?

Lina. This is why Colombia is number 1. 

Meet Lina. She's a mate and Colombian.

The story goes a bit like this - Or exactly like this. I'm not making any of this up...

About four years ago I joined a running crew in my home area of East London called Run Dem Crew. Headed up by a pretty remarkable man called Charlie Dark and during my first few months there I met Lina. One of those people where nothing seems to bother them. She's always smiling and always up for some kind of adventure. 

We started running together and ran different half marathons around the Europe. Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam..Then we said we'd do our first marathon together..We thought it was a good idea to enter the ballot for the San Francisco marathon. Now, till this day I'm still trying to work out why we thought that was a good idea knowing that half the place is vertical and all I keep coming back to is....The medal was a Tiffany&Co necklace. Hummm.

I wont go into the details of running the marathon because I'm tempted to make myself sound like some female Hermes. It was nothing like that. Nothing.

We learnt so much about each other - Training and running a marathon.  It is really one of those things that tests you inside and out. 

Good luck to everyone running the London Marathon this weekend including my sister. You're all heroes!