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Our story

Lucocoa Chocolate is London's first bean to bar chocolate making company based in North London UK. We don't use any refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, instead opting for the healthier alternatives of coconut sugar and lucuma.

Lucocoa was born in December 2014; the brainchild of Amarachi Uzowuru, it was lovingly nurtured and brought to life by her and boyfriend Andy Clarke.

The idea was originally conceived as a result of Ama’s equal passion for two things; exercise and eating! She’d grown sick of hearing chocolate being talked about as a guilty pleasure and was convinced it must be possible to create a bar that’s healthy without compromising on taste, an offering that, as our strapline says, is not naughty, just nice.

Her theory was that by substituting refined sugar and artificial sweeteners for coconut sugar and lucuma she could find the recipe for chocolate alchemy and we like to think her theory has proved to be correct. It took a lot of practice to get the balance right but after a lot of trial and a lot of error we believe we’ve struck gold.

We launched at the Chocolate Festival in London at Easter 2015 and were overwhelmed by the response we got. The way our product was received showed us that we had something people really wanted and since then we’ve felt that it’s our duty to bring Lucocoa to as many people as possible.

Don’t just take our word for it though, try it for yourself and let your tastebuds be the judge!



Our range

We make our chocolate from scratch (bean to bar). We source the best flavoured cocoa beans from around the world. We roast them, crush them, winnow them (take the shells off) and then conche (grind) them for up to 3 days to make chocolate. During this time we will add our coconut sugar, lucuma and a tiny bit of cocoa butter. We then temper the chocolate, turning it into some fine looking bars ready for you to put into your belly.