About us


It’s very much a partnership at Lucocoa Chocolate with Amarachi Uzowuru and Andy Clarke responsible for the whole operation from sourcing the beans, to wrapping the bars.

Ama’s background is in politics, charity and digital project management. She was vice president at the National Union of Students where she represented 7million students across the UK to the government. She then went on to work for the charity Comic Relief where she pioneered a sub brand of the charity which showed Africa in a positive light.

Andy meanwhile divides his time between commentating on boxing and football for the likes of Sky Sports and The Times and making chocolate. It’s an unusual combination but much to his delight he’s discovered that it is possible to winnow roasted cocoa beans whilst watching sport, multi-tasking at its finest.

The name itself, Lucocoa, is a combination of the names of our principal ingredients of lucuma, coconut sugar, cocoa beans and cocoa butter, at least three of which are contained in all of our bars.

Our ingredients

Our ingredients - Cocoa beans, cocoa butter, lucuma, coconut sugar and whole fat milk powder used in our Natural Blonde.

Our ingredients - Cocoa beans, cocoa butter, lucuma, coconut sugar and whole fat milk powder used in our Natural Blonde.


About our beans

Our beans are sourced from a number of countries around the world, primarily located in Central and South America but also in Africa. 

At Lucocoa we only use the highest quality criollo and trinitario beans, and only purchase from suppliers who pay over the ICE price for their beans ($500) ensuring that the wellbeing of the farmers and their families is the primary concern.

We have six bars in our range, 5 dark and our signature Natural Blonde, and all are available in 20g and 80g sizes.


Madagascar provides us with a fascinating fruity bean. It hails from the Sambirano upper valley, where the soil and climate are ideal to grow the finest cacao.


Sourced from Cacao Verapaz and produced by indigenous Q’eqchi Maya farmers in the country’s Cahabon and Lachua regions our Guatemalan is made with finest beans the country has to offer.


This Maya Mountain bean is a darling of the chocolate making community in North America but a rarity in the UK.

Dominican Republic

Our Dominican beans come from OKO Caribe, a cacao sourcing company located in San Francisco de Marcoris, the capital of the Dominican Republic’s Duarte province, an area renowned for its deep fertile soil and plentiful rainfall.


An aristocrat. Our Colombian harbours no insecurities, delivering a deep, nutty chocolate experience that never fails to satisfy.

Our other ingredients

The first thing to say about all of our products is that none of them contain any refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Our mission from day one has been to create chocolate that is kinder to the body than the existing brands. We have never compromised on that and we never will.

All our bars contain coconut sugar and lucuma, a combination significantly healthier than refined sugar.


Lucuma, pronounced loo-koo-ma, is a fruit grown in South America and known by the local people of Peru as “Gold of the Incas”. It’s noted for its caramel taste and nutritional benefits. Containing B vitamins (1,2,3 & 5) , fibre, beta-carotene, iron, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, it is truly a superfood.

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is known for its low GI at 35 compared with regular table sugar at 65-70. It also has a high mineral content containing potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is an oil that is extracted from the cocoa bean (The other product extracted is cocoa powder) we add a little bit to the beans, lucuma and coconut sugar for our dark chocolate and mix with whole fat milk powder, lucuma and coconut sugar for our Natural Blonde.