Food can be healthy and simple without scarifying on the flavour: Pollen + Grace

One of the key reasons we set out to make proper chocolate was because we felt that, chocolate used to be the food of the gods and over 1000’s of years we have managed to turn such a precious product into a full blown guilty pleasure. We wanted to make a more natural bar that was kinder to you, that wasn’t full of additives and preservatives and never looked at vegetable oil as a thing that we should be using in chocolate. So instead we took it back to basics and decided that we would only sweeten our bars with unrefined coconut sugar and the superfood – Lucuma (A fruit from Peru).
We straight up LOVE brands who have the same principles as us and in particularly those brands making their own products too. This is why when we first met Pollen + Grace we just adored them (We had been loving them from afar for a while tbh – Not in a stalker way…Just have to say that! :-) )
Before I tell you what awesomeness they have been up to I should tell you who they are. Pollen + Grace are real pioneers in food innovation, with a strong belief that food can be healthy and simple without scarifying on the flavour, they challenge all possibilities by making delicious food full of high quality ingredients which are dairy, gluten, wheat and refined sugar free the ‘best choice’ rather than just the ‘healthy choice’
The guys at Pollen + Grace took a couple of our chocolate bars and mixed them with pollen + grace chocolate granola and made the treats pictured here. 
These are so delicious and we’re so keen for you to get involved, we are launching our new recipe section on our website with this. 
You can find the recipes here

Some of the places you can find Pollen + Grace: Selfridges & Co, Planet Organic, Harrods and Daylesford.

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